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Helen Sviderskis
Born in Moscow, Russia and now based in Florida, Helen Sviderskis was educated and trained in the Moscow All-Russian Scientific Restoration Center founded by academician Igor Grabar.
Vast museum experience in ancient icon painting techniques and practical knowledge of the physical condition of historic and artistic works allows Helen to be successful in the field of conservation and restoration of Russian Icons, Old Masters, all periods of European and American easel painting and poly-chrome sculptures.
Helen is well versed in traditional techniques which have long been used by Russian restorers. For instance, Helen employs a unique, museum method using sturgeon glue for icon-panel painting consolidation. Adapting it in her conservation practice, Helen has salvaged dozens of highly valuable icons from destruction.
Use of museum conservation methods and materials make it possible to provide quality consolidation: flattening a peel and flaking paint layers on panel, canvas, wood and metal. Relining, re-gilding and re-varnishing processes are also offered. Helen ensures careful test cleaning and removal of layers of grime, muddy varnish and the over-paint without damage to the original painting. Helen also executes meticulous in-painting and minimal retouching, using only finely ground pigments and applicable mediums.

With over three decades of experience in conservation and restoration, Helen has professional expertise and in depth knowledge that encompasses the technical aspects of restoration.
Technology of tempera and oil paintings, panel paintings and poly-chrome sculptures. Technological restoration processes in various areas of painting. Knowledge of old materials and their use in restoration. Reconstruction of missing parts of paintings in the style of the iconographer, using the identical types of paints. Knowledge of Old Church Slavonic script and reconstruction of lost inscription on icons.


  • General and/or local consolidation of buckling, blistering and flaking layers of paint and/or gesso on the surface or the painting.
  • Consolidation in the areas of drying and aging craquelure and areas of paint layer and/or ground separation from the support ( canvas or panel)
  • Execution the preliminary test-cleaning by selecting the most proper solvents, avoiding damage to the painting.
  • Removing surface grime, dust and other dirt spots from the surface; candle wax or paint spots due to drips, splashes, etc.
  • Removing grime which, in the course of time, has settled on and lodged into the varnished surface or impasto brushstrokes.
  • Removing of all over-extended, misrepresentative, disfiguring or altered over-painting and re-paintings.
  • Diminishing the thickness of darkened varnish which obstruct the vision of the painting.
  • Thinning the yellowed original varnish without entirely removing it from the original paint layer.
  • Compensation of gesso ground losses.
  • In-painting and/or retouching the easel painting and/or miniature painting in the manner of the artist, using reversible pigments only.
  • Retouching of gilt or silver losses and abrasions.
  • Disinfection and/or fumigation of canvas/wood/metal/ or any other support, deteriorated by wood pests, mold and/or fungal spores or destructed by insects.
  • Consolidation of deteriorated wooden structure infested by larvae.
  • Gluing wooden panels caused by splits, cracks, breaks and open joints.
  • Repairing of canvas by attaching patches, canvas strips or relining the entire canvas.
  • Preservation treatment of the wooden structure.
  • Coating the entirely painted and restored surface of the painting with reversible, protective varnish.
  • Ultra-Violet spectrum examination.
  • Non-invasive pigment analysis.



  • A La Vielle Russie Gallery inc, New York, USA
  • Art Advisory Service inc., New York, USA
  • Asprey, New York, USA
  • Christie's, Russian Department, New York, USA,
  • St. Daniel Patriarchy Monastery, Moscow, Russia
  • Greek Orthodox church of the Annunciation, Nassau, Bahamas
  • Jackson's Antiques, Russian Department, IA, USA
  • Le Petit Chateau-Galerie, OR, USA
  • Manhattan Antique Center, New York, USA
  • Mautner Ikonen Antiquataten, Venna, Austria
  • Novgorod Museum of Art, Russia
  • Orthodox Religious Center at St. Tikhon Monastery, PA, USA
  • Sotheby's, Russian Department, New York, USA
  • Vologda Museum of Art, Russia
  • Swedish Consulate, Nassau, Bahamas
  • Wolf Gallery, New York, USA
  • Yaroslavl Museum of Art, Russia
  • Yris Rabenou Fine Art Corporation, New York, USA
  • and many other Art Institutions and Private Collectors


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