What is a Mobile Billboard?

Mobile billboards are large advertisements placed on the side of a truck. These traveling billboards move constantly across large distances including places where other forms of advertising don't go. Our mobile billboard trucks take your advertisements directly to your customers.

More Features...
Your advertising can be delivered to high traffic area or events on short notice. You can have a major presence at every sporting event or convention in your area or town. Our mobile billboard truck delivers your message anywhere, anytime.

GPS Tracking
Our truck routes are tracked 24/7 and we can provide proof of performance on your campaigns. Hourly Driver Log Sheets may be provided. We will even provide color photographs of your advertisement in motion.

We have more advanced LED lightening equipment. Lighting delivers added appeal during the evening hours.


Visibility & Impact
Your mobile billboard ad may be seen from distance up to a half mile.

Custom Routs Available
You choose the routes you want to target customers with. We drive your mobile billboards 8 hours, every day, to reach your targeted consumer group.


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